I am studying at the faculty of kindergarten.. like kids … know how to deal with them in childish way in accordance to their ages …. teaching Quran with tajweed rules and Arabic from the scratch..Nourania Qaida..

Edrees Ma’moun


He has been working since 2010 in teaching English, American, Indonasian and Malayu helping them to get their first steps in learning how to read Quran with proper tajweed. He can teach Arabic grammar to the beginners. Online Teaching Experience: More than 4000 hours. Graduated from Alazhar Quranic Readings and Studies (tamhidi grade).

Osama Sherif


This is Osama Sherif, A tutor of Qur’an…have been graduated from faculty of pharmacy can help the students to learn how to read and pronounce with Tajweed rules, supporting them in memorizing Qur’an.

Nozah Saleem


Nozah Saleem, An Egyptian Arabic Qur’an teacher have been working in teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers for 5 years, teaching Qur’an recitation, translation, Tajweed rules doing hifz with my students helping them to set their first steps in Qur’an reading and Arabic language, explaining fiqh, seerah, mannars for adults and kids very good at English […]


Based in Cairo Egypt, with an offshore office Quran Learning Academy (QLA) was established with the aim to enhance the glory of Islam through Quran Learning Academy online to the Whole Mankind by an Arabic Egyptian professional qualified team keeping in view “The best among you is he who learns Quran & teaches it to others”. The Quran Learning Academy team is providing perfect understanding of the Holy Qur’an under the umbrella of Qur’an Learning Education Foundation Inc. a Cairo corporation. Quran Learning Academy has a combined experience of over four years in e-commerce & our students are getting the top quality education. At Quran Learning Academy we offer the major Online courses of Arabic Grammar Course, Basic Quran Reading, online Quran Course for Females & Quran Memorization and brings you the facility to learn the right way of Reciting and Memorizing the Glorious Quran from highly qualified teachers. The Quran Learning Academy special online programs started for those Muslims Egyptian girls & women who do not find Quran tutors near to their homes. As the Muslim population is increasing at a very fast pace & it is very high task to find out a well versed Quran teacher. At Quran Learning Academy we have the advanced online educational system to take classes. We make it as easy as possible for our students where everyone can feel happy & fully easy to operate system to each of our valued students. It is very convenient and offers you the choice of selecting time at Quran Learning Academy according to your own personal schedule. You can access your teacher easily at Quran Learning Academy on any computer available, wherever you go. The online teaching friendly environment in the Quran Learning Academy also helps you to study in a more relaxed mood. The medium of instruction in Quran Learning Academy is English and Arabic. Quran Learning Academy gives great emphasis on Reading Quran with correct accent or tajweed. Under the guidance of a professional online tutor in Quran Learning Academy, you will learn quickly and will improve your Quran reading skills in the most effective manner.


How real people said about Quran Learning Academy.

I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from my lessons with the teacher. She is also very engaging and friendly. The teacher has taught me tajweed rules and I am making fast progress in improving my recitation as well as my memorization.The teacher's style of teaching is very effective and I am taught in clear way and made to understand easily the different tajweed rules and correct pronunciation of the Arabic letters .The teacher makes the lesson interesting by explaining the meaning of the ayahs I am reading. Skype is a good enough medium for my learning. I have noticed that I am making fewer tajweed mistakes than before. The teacher is also incredibly patient. 

Abdul Rahman

Designation: Student

Sister Nozha's teaching has been very helpful to me in the past few months in staying connected to the quran and Islam's teachings. Sister Nozha is always very kind and patient, and is knowledgable about a lot of islam. I highly recommend her classes to anyone interested in improving their Quran skills.


Designation: Student

“ Assalamualikum, Since taking Ms. Nozha’s Quran class, I have seen great improvement in my reading. She took her time to make sure I understood Tajweed rules properly, and taught them to me more than once if I needed. She patiently explained the stories behind the ayats, which helped me understand what I was reading, and also made it easier on me when I started memorizing the surahs. I think what sets Ms.Nozha apart from all the other Quran teachers out there is that at the beginning of every class, she takes time to ask her students how they are doing and how their work/school/projects are going. She doesn’t just ask for the sake of asking, but because she truly cares. In the past two years that I’ve been Ms. Nozha’s student, I feel as though she has become a second mother to me. And it is the coupling of her expert Quran teaching and her wonderful personality that makes her such an excellent teacher.  ”

Aleyah Hassan

Designation: Student

My child is hearing impaired therefore it was a challenge to find the right tutor for him. I really like the tutors style of teaching. I feel it is very child friendly. they are very flexible and accommodating. my son enjoys the stories that relate to the Quranic Ayat I would rate their teaching as “Excellent" Ammar's mom


Designation: Student
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